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Being a hypocrite..

As an Indian, I have always loved talking about hypocrisy because I have been a hypocrite in a hypocritical culture and I have come across so many of them in these years. While commenting on hypocrisy is deliciously tempting and satisfying to my ego, I have switched from pointing out hypocrisy in other people to being a silent observer of all the drama. This way, the judgemental aunty in me becomes just as powerless as my ego and I can easily choose to be compassionate. Regardless of nationality, we all love spotting others bullshit and pointing fingers at them. It is very hard to not be a hypocrite, especially since we love seeking but not practicing what we learn. Staying true to one’s words is hard and that’s the reality. It takes a lot of courage, discipline and clarity of thought to know oneself and stand by one’s set of beliefs. It takes integrity to not succumb to peer pressure. It takes strength to be one of a kind amongst a flock of sheep because society loves uniformity and order. This is why, the pressure to fit in is immense. It is also very important to practice what you preach. If you don’t practice, then just don’t preach. Staying true to oneself is never overrated. If you can be authentic, you are beautiful, no matter what others tell you. Authenticity is sexy. Authenticity is confidence and if you are authentic, you are living a meaningful life. And the wonderful part about authenticity is that if you are practicing it, you automatically lose your judgement towards others because you also expect to see the truth is everything others put out. You start to trust people and not project your opinions of yourself on them. You start to see people for who they are. While this can backfire sometimes, it is worth believing in those who genuinely live their true lives. ❤️
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